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Typical System Hardware Platforms Utilised by
Alpha1TecLabs Bristol UK ISP
Server Information Below:


Sun Enterprise E10000 High-End Servers

For large-scale, mission-critical applications, such as high-volume OLTP, server consolidation, data warehousing, and decision support, the Sun Enterprise 10000 server, also known as Starfire. Mainframe-like Dynamic System Domains enable the Sun Enterprise 10000 server to host multiple workloads, automatically adapting to your needs as your application environment changes. With support for up to 64 CPUs, 64 GB of shared memory, and more than 100 TB of storage, the Sun Enterprise 10000 server powers many of the world's most demanding, mission-critical application environments. Typical performance TPM for 64-Way 400 115,000.

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Enterprise E6500 Servers

The 30-processor Sun Enterprise 6500 system is designed to run mission-critical, enterprise-wide applications, such as data warehouse and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Hot-swappable modular components make it easy to increase performance and I/O capacity in this highly expandable server. Sun's high availability features such as Dynamic Reconfiguration and Alternate Pathing, enable you to add, remove, upgrade, and service system components while the server remains online, thus reducing system downtime. The Solaris Operating Environment helps ensure that the Sun Enterprise 6500 server can effectively scale all the way to its maximum capacity. And Sun's advanced system management software provides effective, easy-to-use tools to manage the powerful resources of the server. Up to 30 CPUs, maximum memory of 60 GB, 45 SBus cards, and 12 PCI cards. Typical performance TPM for 24-Way 400 65,000.

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Servers

Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR Servers

High performance heavy-duty web server appliances from Sun Cobalt are ideal for delivering or hosting content-rich, interactive Web sites or other complex software. The Intel-based XTR is a good choice for medium-size or larger companies wishing to develop and host their own e-mail, Web, and e-commerce servers. Web sites can be easily configured to support a variety of dynamic content technologies including FrontPage extensions, CGI scripting with Perl, PHP, ASP, and server side includes.

Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR Servers

IBM Blade Centres

IBM BladeCentres provide a high-density, high-performance rack-mounted system developed for medium-to-large businesses.

IBM Blade Centre

HP ProLiant DL585 Servers

The HP ProLiant DL585 server, the best performing x86 4-processor server in the industry, now supports the new AMD Opteron™ dual-core processor further increasing the performance leadership of this system and enabling a huge boost in performance. Depending on the application and environment, customers can expect to see anywhere from 15 to 65% performance improvement in the same 4U chassis. HP ProLiant DL585 server was the first Tier 1 server in the industry supporting 4 AMD Opteron™ processors and the first platform which demonstrated Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processors. It continues to maintain performance leadership, especially with a variety of 32-bit benchmarks. The 128 GB memory footprint enables most applications to run faster or support more users than other systems. HP ProLiant DL585 server combines AMD Opteron™ processor technology, best-in-class management and outstanding uptime features in an enterprise-class system ideal for large data centre deployments. Server suitable for medium to large enterprise data centre; High Performance Computing (HPC).

HP Proliant DL585 Servers

HP ProLiant DL760 Servers

These servers are designed for mission-critical environments and offers an outstanding combination of high performance and high availability features, with eight processors, 16GB of SDRAM, eleven hot-pluggable 64-bit I/O slots including 8 PCI-X, redundant hot plug power supplies and fans and more. The ProLiant DL760 has been developed to meet the needs of customers requiring scalability and fault tolerance in a data centre environment.

HP Proliant DL760 Servers

HP NetServer Entry-level Enterprise Servers

The HP NetServer LH 4 has the power, reliability, and expansion room to handle everything from Web hosting to ERP applications, for fast-growing workgroups all the way up to corporate data centres.

HP NetServer Entry-Level Enterprise Servers

Tandem Integrity S-Series ServerNet HP NonStop-UX Systems

Tandem's NonStop-UX operating systems provide scalable, fault-tolerant solutions.

Tandem NonStop-UX Systems

Dell PowerEdge 1600SC Servers

The Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1600SC delivers a combination of performance and availability at aggressive prices, which makes it ideal for workgroup server environments. The PowerEdge 1600SC is a 2P tower server delivering performance for file and print management and applications: − Dual 2.4GHz (and above) Intel Xeon™ processors with up to 2MB L3 cache, 533MHz FSB − Up to 4GB of ECC DDR memory.

Dell Servers

PowerEdge CS24-NV7 Cloud Server 2x Quad-Core 2.1GHz 64GB RAID 4TB VMWare 1U

Delivering incredible price/performance and performance/watt for cost-sensitive environments, the PowerEdge CS24-NV7 server is optimized for web serving, high performance computing clusters (HPCC), and small business single server deployments.



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