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Frequently asked mail support questions:

Can I configure a BlackBerry to sync with my email account?

How do I access SyncML?

How do I access CalDAV?

What is DKIM?

Do you support IMAP email clients?

What mail service ports do you support?

What are your mail server IP addresses?

How do I setup a private instant messaging client?

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 Can I configure a BlackBerry to sync with my email account?

Yes, the easiest way to configure a BlackBerry to sync with your email account is to first make sure unit has Internet access, then configure for IMAP using your email account settings.

 How do I access SyncML?

SyncML server mobile client access use:

Note: To synchronize a PocketPC with SyncML server you may need to install the client plug-in from Funambol.

You can use "" or substitute with your own domain name. You will need to login with username as your full email address and provide password.

You can set resource types to Default Sync folders, aliases or custom folders. Default Sync folders: Contacts, Events/Calendar, Journal, Notes, Tasks, Mail. Select manual or scheduled synchronization.

Native or 3rd party SyncML client installed on mobile device
Mobile data (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, HSDPA), Wi-fi or cable connection
Carrier-enabled Internet data access (cost depends on carrier and calling plan).


3 sets GroupWare data formats: Versit Objects, Funambol SIF(S4J)
2 E-mail data formats: OMA DS Email Data Object, Plain (Synthesis)
Funambol v3 and higher, automatic adjustment
Latest Funambol v6 compatible (mails and files synchronization)
Synthesis client compatible, Sony-Ericsson compatible
Nokia Symbian S60 native SyncML implementation
HP Wifi and GSM enabled PDA's with Funambol v6
Native support for synchronization with iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Growing list of other devices, services, applications

PUSH email/objects for BlackBerry-like experience
OMA DM (Data Management) for remote provisioning and backup
Automatic SSL certificate provisioning
Apple iSync support
Remote-wipe from WebMail if device is lost or stolen
Device barring passwords

 How do I access CalDAV?

CalDAV server PIM (personal information manager) client access use:

You can use "" or substitute with your own domain name. You will need to login with your username as your full email address and provide password.

Some clients will not allow the @ character in the username. In this case the @ should be replaced with a % and the mail Server will automatically convert it.

Real time management turns open source email clients into powerful and versatile PIM (personal information manager) applications allowing access to groupware folders. Advanced Meeting Management: Using multiple calendar resources, an assistant can easily plan events for the whole department. Resource booking and meeting management will take a minute when you can see upcoming events of the attendees at once. Server-side extension enables shared calendars in spite of missing support in the client. With no direct support for GroupWare required on client side, the list of applications is rather long. Below are some of the most powerful and popular time management applications, some of them combined with e-mail clients. If you were looking for a good Outlook replacement, you don't have to search any longer.

Tested confirmed working on the following products:
Mozilla Lightning calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.
Mozilla Sunbird, cross-platform calendaring application.
Mozilla Sunbird
Novell Evolution, Linux e-mail client
Under development for future testing of compatible products:
SoGo Connector
to synchronize contacts with Thunderbird address bookNew
KDE Kontacts, Linux PIM application
Apple iCal 3 OS X Leopard calendaring client
Macintosh calendarNew
Chandler Desktop, free cross-platform calendaring application
Microsoft Entourage, the Outlook for Apple
eMClient, free Windows email client with calendarNew
Long list of other calendaring applications, please contact support first for confirmation if your product is compatible and been tested.

 What is DKIM?

DKIM is the newer enhanced version of Domain Keys, DKIM stands for "Domain Keys Identified Mail". DKIM creates a domain-level authentication framework for email by using public-key technology and DNS record to prove the source and content of a message. The email authentication validation system will help protect you from phishing scams; receive fewer fake e-mails claiming to be sent by eBay and PayPal. Despite Domain Keys slowly giving grounds to DKIM, the Domain Keys old standard is currently still in use by some large players in the Internet world.

You can find general information about Domain Keys at

You can find general information about DKIM at and the DKIM FAQs at For testing please visit

DKIM keys are stored in a subdomain called _domainkey, the format of the DNS TXT record is: <Selector>._domainkey.<domainname>

Example:, where in this example dkim is the name of your private selector key.

There are different ways to set up your DNS record depending on how strict you want the DKIM policy for your domain to be.

DKIM Legend (you can use these signing policies with DKIM):
o=~ NEUTRAL or RELAXED (signature optional)
o=- STRONG (signature required, but not necessarily from my domain)
o=! EXCLUSIVE (signature required, and it must be from my domain) *
o=. NEVER (this site doesn't send mail)
o=^ USER (reserved for future use)

Example DNS data for policy using DKIM:
(Testing and using NEUTRAL signing policy) IN TXT 't=y; o=~;'

(Not testing and using STRONG signing policy) IN TXT 'o=-;'

 Do you support IMAP email clients?

Yes we provide full support for IMAP4 email clients.

 What mail service ports do you support?

Alpha1TecLabs Bristol UK ISP Mail Service Ports

Mail Service


Email Standard TCP Ports

TLS/SSL Secure Ports


Send mail

 25, alternate 587



Receive mail




Read mail




Web mail




Synchronization of mailbox and PIM information for PDA's, Smartphone's




PIM (personal information manager) Groupware calendaring applications




Outlook GroupWare Connector




Instant Messaging

5222, alternate 5269


 What are you mail server IP addresses?

Primary Mail Servers:

IP address:


Secondary Mail Servers:

IP address:


 How do I setup a private instant messaging client?

Alpha1TecLabs Server's IM Server will accept connections from any Jabber-enabled Clients. In order to use our private secure instant messaging service you will need to install a Jabber-enabled client. You can find a list of Jabber-enabled Clients at We recommend you use Psi Jabber client which can be downloaded from the Psi website - Once downloaded no installation is required for Windows, you can simply just run the Psi executable. Although we suggest you might want to move everything into C:\Program Files\Psi.

Psi instant messaging client example account setup.
On the first run of Psi the Add Account wizard starts:
Choose and enter your friendly name for the Default account name.
Do not check the Register new account box.

Press Add. The Account Properties dialog is displayed:
Note: your Jabber ID is your full email address and your password is the same as was supplied with your email account.

Psi instant messaging client example connection setup.


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